Our projects are a result of collaboration from the architects and engineers and the owners, and external factors like site conditions, neighbourhood restrictions, local codes, availability of materials, and budgets.


Open Design

To us, open design means listening and understanding the client while helping them translate their ideas to visual, tactile and physical elements. Communication is key to this design approach.


Practical Approach

Our ultimate solution is always guided by the desire to fully satisfy clients, with a focus on value, at par with industry standards, and with sincere commitment to see the project to its completion.

Recent Posts

Borres Residence

Borres House

Built in a narrow lot, only 8 meters wide, the design called for the use of firewalls on three sides. For natural lighting and ventilation, and for circulation, an atrium is located at the center of the property. This…

Reyes Residence


Built in a relatively long and narrow lot that slopes upwards, this residence in Cinco Hermanos consists of five different levels split between storeys. The lowest level contains a 2 car garage and storage space, and a walk up to…